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Bus Hire and other Auckland Bus Companies to wear Super-city Taxes?

Bus Hire and other Auckland Bus Companies to wear Super-city Taxes?


Congratulations Auckland, you could be the proud new owners of a new transport funding scheme!

To add to the mixture of Auckland’s ever burdening transport woes,  local bodies are now looking at introducing what can only be called as ‘hyper-taxes’ on what will certainly result in Auckland businesses struggling to do business, especially Coach and Bus operators who could, along with other Auckland transport services, wear the brunt of almost all of this.

As an employee at a Bus Hire company, I’m not a fan of taking a short term view on these things, and yes, I do see the long term benefits of such a scheme - Auckland really does need an improved transport system; however, we do need to be more innovative in the way we consider throwing  taxes at unsuspecting Aucklanders and Coach Charter Companies for that matter.

It doesn’t require imagination to see that Auckland is looking at following in London’s footsteps; but let’s face it, we are not a ‘London’ and we are not able to make use of a 7 million strong community. I don’t believe that introducing the scheme to fund the proposed ideas is the right answer; Aucklanders simply do not stand a chance, there is simply no alternative form of transport.
Londoners are able to make use of a super-highway dedicated entirely to bikers, jump on your bike and you’ll be at work in minutes, we Aucklanders don’t have this option, and we are forced to make use of the current transport system, or, our own vehicles. I could only imagine what this would mean for individuals on the North Shore if we were forced to ride bicycles to work.

As a Bus Hire company in Auckland, we do all we can to ensure our buses remain safe, our drivers are trained to industry standards, and that our customers receive the utmost service, but unfortunately new taxes could affect the way we work in the future.

When it comes to funding such ideas, we need to look at these things from an alternative perspective, there are plenty of willing companies out there who would work with local bodies to eliminate these issues, you just need to support their ideas and make it easier for these existing transport service providers to expand on their offering. Help them develop a superior system and avoid hyper (super city) taxing.

The proposed tax scheme:

Tolling new roads - Charges applied to new roads.
Tolling Existing Roads - charging on congested roads.
Visitor Taxes - Nightly charge for Accommodation.
Airport Departure Tax - Dont we already pay this?
Development contributions - Charges on new property developments.
Regional income tax - New income-tax paid only by Aucklanders.
Regional payroll tax - New income-tax paid by Auckland employers.
Regional GST - Higher GST in Auckland.
Tax Increment Financing - Increase in property values from transport services.
Regional fuel tax - Increased petrol and diesel taxes in Auckland.
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